Victorian Senate Candidate

Karthik Arasu is an Indian born Victorian Senate Candidate contesting as an independent in the upcoming Federal Australian Senate Elections 2016

Karthik Arasu has a rich experience in building the potential of people and helping them establish themselves securely in small businesses. He now wishes to bring this expertise to the parliament and ensure government functions effectively, and that people enjoy immense benefits from policies.

His core areas of focus include, but will not be limited to, Education, Business, Tax, Agriculture and Migration. Karthik Arasu not only aims to improve these areas but also wishes to introduce concrete changes through his wealth of knowledge, action plans and needless to say, your valuable support!

Karthik’s young, dynamic and enthusiastic leadership will ensure government is listening and acting. His independent voice will be the voice of all Victorians in the parliament, a voice of positive change, growth and development.

Please visit Policy page for an in-depth information on his opinion on various issues and the agenda of change

Independent is not Alone! Your opinions, suggestions, evidences and comments will help Karthik Arasu make responsible and informed decisions. So, please come forward and show your support for a better tomorrow.